Our AI manifesto

AI that empowers researchers without compromising on integrity.


Our AI manifesto is our North Star and defines our approach to AI, from how we use AI internally to the functionalities we develop, from the tools we use to the companies we choose to partner with.

GDPR compliance

Participants’ and research data is never used for training purposes, and we carefully select the tools and sub processors we use to ensure data is always secure and confidential.


We provide researchers with supporting evidence to help them mitigate the risk of delivering inaccurate and biassed results.

Efficiency and speed

We want to make researchers’ lives easier and the analysis process faster and pain-free, with a focus on running international studies and managing large volumes of content.

Ease and simplicity

We don’t rely on researchers to input detailed and complicated prompts to get the answers they need. We make access to AI tools straightforward, customisable and easy.
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Our AI products have been designed following core operational and ethical principles, with the aim to empower researchers to boost their efficiency and to sharpen their analytical skills, while maintaining steadfast data and methodological integrity.

AI-powered transcriptions and translations

All the content uploaded on Field Notes is automatically transcribed and translated via an automatic speech recognition system called Whisper that delivers unprecedented accuracy and the ability to display time codes and to view and download subtitles.

Analysis sheets

This AI-based tool enables automatic content analysis, returning some key themes as well as supporting clips and quotes, so researchers can see exactly what those themes are based on (minimising common AI-related issues as biases and hallucinations).

Analysis sheets provide a quick and robust foundation for analysis, allowing researchers to work more efficiently.

CoLoop integration

Our integration allows researchers to push Field Notes content very quickly into the CoLoop platform, for integrated multi-method analysis across markets.