“Let's Go!” - The Field Notes migration programme

Our Let’s Go! migration programme has been developed to better support new customers as they switch or plan to switch to Field Notes from a different platform.

We understand that different platforms have their own interpretations of mobile self-ethnography, which often result in different task typologies, settings, as well as different approaches to writing and programming activities.

With Let's Go!, we provide ample support to ensure a seamless transition to Field Notes. We make sure that new customers have all the necessary tools to incorporate Field Notes into their proposals, harness our capabilities to secure more work, and effectively plan and manage projects.

The Let's Go! programme is completely free of charge and highly customised to meet each customer's unique needs. It includes company-wide courses on self-ethnography, group training sessions, personalised kick-off meetings with guide writers, comprehensive how-to guides, templates, and ongoing support.