20 June 2024

Kidz Notes

We are thrilled to announce that Field Notes and Field Sauce Kidz have joined forces and are launching Kidz Notes, a ready-to-go panel of children aged 8-17, now available on the Field Notes Mobile Ethnography app.

This innovative tool transforms the way clients conduct online child and youth studies, providing unprecedented control, speed, and depth of insight.

Find out more about Kidz Notes.

15 June 2024

The Bento Club episode eight

A new episode of The Bento Club is out!

In this episode, we chat with Konrad Collao, the founder the multi-award-winning strategic insight agency Craft.

Konrad dives deep into the importance of critical thinking in the research industry, the nuances of context and storytelling, and the dangers of obsessing over data. He shares his insights on the current state of the research sector and challenges us to rethink our approach to data interpretation and analysis.

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01 June 2024

Healthcare is our passion, and we’re privileged to be able to provide access to the lives and challenges of patients and health care professionals in a way that has never before been possible.

So we are excited to announce that this June will mark our first “Healthcare Month”.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll use our LinkedIn page to share case studies and tips on how to use ethnography on healthcare projects.

Follow us on LinkedIn to find out more.

29 May 2024

IIEX Europe
Why should you no longer be afraid of video content?

Join Giulia at IIEX in Amsterdam June 25th-26th to find out why video-heavy self-ethnography projects no longer need to turn into horror stories.

Discover how advancements in research platforms and AI have streamlined the collection of high-quality video content, and the power of a participant-centric approach.

Register for the event.

20 May 2024

The Bento Club episode six

The latest episode of The Bento Club is out!

In this episode, Dave chats with Imme Ermgassen, the co-founder of Botivo, who shares the story of this non-alcoholic drink and why great brands need to leverage great tensions to succeed.

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15 May 2024

We are hosting a session at today’s Qualitative Insights Summit, in partnership with FIREFISH and CoLoop.

During this session, we’ll cover the benefits of a video-based and AI-powered approach to bringing authentic stories to life.

FIREFISH will share their journey of transforming menopause symptoms from labels into lived experiences, and explain why they chose to collaborate with Field Notes and CoLoop.

If you can’t make the event, you can access the recording here.

13 May 2024

We have released our new AI “Find evidence” functionality, alongside a new version of the AI “Suggest themes” functionality.

So, from the AI analysis tab, you now have two options:

New AI tools

‘Suggest Themes’ now allows you to review and tweak the themes suggested by the AI before instructing the AI to find supporting clips and quotes. This maintains the speed of analysis while offering more control.

‘Find Evidence’ allows you to input your own themes, hypotheses, or insights and instruct the AI to automatically retrieve key supporting clips and quotes. This feature offers you the ability to test hypotheses and/or identify the best entries that support your findings.

07 May 2024

Don’t miss our slot at next week’s Qualitative Insights Summit organised by Insight Platforms.

In our session, our head of Customer Innovation Giulia Romanò is joined by Jack Bowen from CoLoop and Bob Cook from Firefish.

Register here

11 April 2024

In case you missed it, watch the replay of our live event “Semiotician Impossible - The Finale” and find out about our first beta readers programme.

Thank you to Chris Arning for his time and sharing his experience with us!

10 April 2024

Press release - Field Notes and CoLoop Announce Integration for AI-driven Insights

London, 08.04.24 - Field Notes, the self-ethnography platform for capturing and managing high-quality video content from participants, is thrilled to announce its integration with CoLoop, the AI-powered qualitative analysis solution. This strategic partnership brings together two industry leaders to deliver utmost video quality and unparalleled speed and ease of analysis of large volumes of content.

Field Notes has long been recognized for its intuitive platform and participant-centred approach to mobile qual, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enable researchers to gather authentic and rich content directly from the participants’ point of view. With its strong international focus and AI-powered transcriptions and translation capabilities, Field Notes has empowered researchers to efficiently bring stories to life in more than 40 markets.

CoLoop has revolutionised the market research industry in recent months as an AI transcription, translation and primary content analysis tool. It supports researchers by organising responses into structured analysis grids and by providing a supporting AI chat feature to help relocate, summarise and clip key moments and responses from their research material.

By joining forces, Field Notes and CoLoop are offering researchers the ability to leverage the power of AI to gain quicker insights and to consolidate content collected across digital and face-to-face methodologies onto a single analysis platform.

08 April 2024

We are excited to announce a game-changing partnership: Field Notes and CoLoop have joined forces, aiming to streamline the use of AI in qualitative analysis for researchers.

At Field Notes, we’ve always been committed to providing researchers with the best tools to gather and analyse authentic and rich content directly from your participants’ point of view. Now, with our integration with CoLoop, you have even more options to enhance the research process.

How does it work? As always, you can collect high-quality video content seamlessly through the Field Notes app. But you now have the ability to choose between running your analysis on Field Notes utilising our AI tools (AI transcriptions, translations and AI Analysis Sheets) or easily uploading all your research content to CoLoop, gaining access to their proprietary AI grids and AI chat features.

We believe that this integration will transform the way researchers conduct qualitative analysis, consolidating content collected across various methodologies onto a single analysis platform and allowing them to get deeper insights faster than ever before.

Check out the demo video.

For more information about this exciting integration and how it can benefit your research efforts, get in touch.

08 April 2024

The Bento Club episode three

The third episode of The Bento Club is out!

In this episode, Giulia chats with Betty Adamou about women and how they should share and celebrate their successes more, and live unapologetically.

Betty also speaks about the Not Sorry Club, her #NotSorryChallenge and the importance of celebration.

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02 April 2024

Semiotician Impossible: One Man’s Life and Death Struggle to Finish His Book on Semiotics - the finale

Two months ago Chris Arning and his beta readers embarked on a semiotics-filled journey on Field Notes - join our LinkedIn livestream on April 10th to find out how it went!

21 March 2024

The Bento Club episode two

The second episode of The Bento Club is out!

This time Dave is speaking to TV director Richard Lynn (Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale, amongst others) about what happens when you bring the drama to research.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

05 March 2024

Field Notes Academy

We are excited to announce that our Customer Success Manager Andrea De La Concha is now leading our Field Notes Academy initiative.

As part of this initiative, we encourage students who are running a research project for a PHD or final dissertation to use our platform free of charge for a month. We want to help them navigate the world of mobile ethnography and to introduce Field Notes and its functionalities in case they want to use them for their research projects.

We also host lectures and workshops at universities, free of charge.

If you are interested or know someone who might be please email

01 March 2024

Join Dave’s session on the Future of Smartphone Qual for MRxPros!


Friday 1 March 2024
12-1 pm PT/ 3-4 pm ET / 8-9 pm UK,
Format: 30-40 minute presentation, 20 minute discussion/Q&A

28 February 2024

Functionality update: You can now check the delivery status of the invitation emails directly on Field Notes.

Email notifications
This functionality allows you to immediately see which invitation emails have been delivered and which ones have bounced back, promptly spotting potential email address typos that might delay the beginning of fieldwork.

22 February 2024

Dave and Giulia will be in Manchester next week.

If you are around and want to have a chat on self-ethnography, video quality, AI and more, you’ll find them at the Track Brewery Taproom on Tuesday 27th from 6pm.


14 February 2024

AI revolutionised the way we work overnight. Everyone’s talking about it. And (almost) everyone is freaking out about it.

  • What questions do clients ask and what worries them, when you mention AI?
  • What questions should you ask your tech partners, when evaluating their AI products?
  • And what questions should you ask yourself, when choosing to use AI?

In today’s Lunch & Learn session for The ICG we went through all those questions to better navigate the AI world and its intricacies, and presented how at Field Notes we have decided to approach the challenges and opportunities AI brings.

Watch the Lunch and learn recording

07 February 2024

The Insight Platforms Demo Days were a real success, thank you to everyone who watched our demo.

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording back here.

05 February 2024

The Insight Platforms Demo Days are starting tomorrow!

It’s a wonderful line-up and we are proud to be included with some other fantastic and innovative tools. Register today for free!

📅 Our slot is tomorrow, Tuesday 6th, at 4:50 pm UK 🕓 / 11:50 am EST 🕚

02 February 2024


Our team keeps growing, and we now have a North America presence!

We are delighted to announce that Andrea De la Concha joined us this week as a Customer Success Manager. Originally from Mexico and now based in Canada, she will be helping us deliver the best experience to our growing customer base across the pond.

With a curious mind and a degree in business, Andy has spent some time working in a mix of different administrative roles. Nevertheless, for the last couple of years, she has found a passion for market research and making lives easier for research teams.

An active listener with a bubbly personality, we are sure she will provide our customers with the smoothest and most enjoyable Field Notes experience!

Outside of work, you can find her enjoying Montreal’s music scene and festivals, going on walks with her dog, Mina, searching for the best food in town, and planning her next trip.

Welcome to the team, Andy!

01 February 2024

In case you missed the Semiotician Impossible livestream, you can now watch the recording.

Make sure to follow Field Notes on LinkedIn to stay updated on how this project unfolds, as the beta readers begin their feedback journey on the Field Notes platform.

29 January 2024

“If mushrooms can grow from s**t, so can your insights!”

We couldn’t hope for a better quote to officially launch The Bento Club, Field Notes’ brand new podcast series.

The first episode is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music, and it features a very special guest: my fantastic friend Jess Jorgensen from Running with Mushrooms.

Jess is an insights person who’s really into mushrooms. She spent 16 years agency-side, helping brands get strategic at the intersection of people, brands, and culture. She’s now merging these two worlds by launching a cultural insights consultancy specialising in global myco-culture.

She has a very unique and interesting perspective, and in this episode, she shares her top three lessons from the mushrooms, unpacking what mycology can teach to market research - from how to tackle polarising topics at the intersection between legal and illegal to, well, how to embrace the fact that insights must sometimes grow from s**t.

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Apple
Listen on Amazon

26 January 2024

Welcome Gemma

We are excited to announce a new team member!

Gemma Stokes joined earlier this week as an account manager, and she’ll be helping us support our growing customer base.

Gemma has a keen interest in human attitudes and decision-making processes and has amassed many years of experience (18 and counting) in qualitative research, as well as a deep-rooted love for the qualitative world.

She also brings her recruiter perspective to Field Notes through her own business, Podengo, allowing us to further optimise the participant and project management experience.

An agile thinker and skilled multitasker, Gemma can balance complex research projects and apply clear strategic thinking as she’s already getting her teeth into her new role at Field Notes!

Outside of work, she can be found at home on her farm in France, with a menagerie of animals, making the most of rural life with her young family.

25 January 2024

Semiotician Impossible

Semiotician Impossible: One Man’s Life and Death Struggle to Finish His Book on Semiotics (and how FN came to the rescue)

Chris Arning has already written 1.5 books on semiotics. One was an e-book that never saw the light of day due to copyright concerns, the second due to loss of momentum and break with his publisher; a manuscript languishes on his desktop. But Chris thinks this will be the one. Join our livestream on LinkedIn to find out why.

Thu, Feb 1, 2024, 3:00 PM GMT

Join the event here

23 January 2024

The Bento Club

We are launching our first-ever podcast series, The Bento Club!

During each episode, we connect with the brightest and most interesting minds in the market research and tech industry, getting their top three tips.

We are on a mission to deliver a collection of easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom over time — a real feast for your intellectual appetite.

The first episode is out on Monday 29th, so watch this space.

22 January 2024

QRCA conference

The 2024 QRCA Conference starts in Denver today!

If you are attending, make sure you don’t miss our co-founder Dave Kaye’s session on the impact smartphone qualitative has had on the research industry and also looking at its (huge) potential for the future.

16 January 2024

AI analysis sheets slide 1

Our new AI analysis sheets functionality is now available on all projects!

This AI-based tool enables automatic content analysis, returning some key themes as well as supporting clips and quotes, so researchers can see exactly what those themes are based on, minimising common AI-related issues such as biases and hallucinations.

You have the flexibility to define the persona you want the AI to embody during content analysis, decide the type of supporting quotes you prefer (snappy vs. long), and determine the level of caution the system should apply to its results - so plenty of customisation options to allow you to get exactly what you need.

AI analysis sheets slide 2

5 December 2023

We are hiring for a Customer Success Manager. Read more

5 December 2023

Dave and Steven holding the award

Congratulations to our sister agency Peek Content, Steven Lacey’s The Outsiders and Leo Burnett for winning this year’s MRS Creative Development Award for their brilliant work on the McDonald’s “Raise Your Arches” campaign.

As Field Notes, we are proud to have supported the self-ethnography component on this fascinating project. Documenting key McDonald’s moments and capturing the participants raising their eyebrows when suggesting a visit to McDonald’s, the Field Notes content springboarded the creative process that led to this award-winning campaign.

McDonalds ad campaign still

Special congratulations to all our customers and friends who won an MRS Awards last night, and in particular to…

  • MTM - Agency of the Year
  • Human8 and Phillips - Business Impact of the Year
  • Firefish and Barclays - Financial Services Research
  • Basis - MRS Award for Inclusive Research
  • Ipsos - MRS Award for Public Policy / Social Research
  • Stephanie Holland - The AQR Qualitative excellence award

20 November 2023

University lecture

With lectures at Middlesex University and at Milan’s Università Cattolica this month, we wrap out this year’s Field Notes Academy programme.

Over the last 12 months, Our Co-Founder Dave Kaye and head of Customer Innovation Giulia Romanò, connected with more than 150 students over 3 countries and talked about self-ethnography, AI, eyebrows, burgers, football and much more.

Thank you for inviting us and for coming out to attend our lectures. We are looking forward to next year’s programme.

30 October 2023

As part of our Field Notes Academy initiative, we offer Field Notes for free to students running a research project for a PHD or final dissertation, and this is something we are very passionate about.

We are excited to be running a series of webinars aimed at students, to help them navigate the world of mobile ethnography and to introduce Field Notes and its functionalities in case they want to use it for their research projects.

The next session is next week! Please share the information below with your contacts and send an email to to register

Upcoming webinars (graphic)

21 September 2023

We are delighted to announce that AI has landed on Field Notes!

As of today, all automatic transcriptions and translations are delivered via Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system that brings increased accuracy and reliability.

Whisper has been developed by OpenAI and is part of the same family of products as ChatGPT, so we are really thrilled to add such a state-of-the-art tool to our platform.

And the best part? Whisper is available free of charge on all Field Notes projects!

10 August 2023

Ready Steady Q4!
As we enter the final stretch of the year, we are well aware of the challenges and pressure that Q4 brings, especially for agencies.

We’ve therefore decided to organise our first Ready Steady Q4! event.

Whether you are a seasoned Field Notes pro or a platform newbie, a self-ethnography enthusiast or someone who approaches digital studies with a bit of scepticism, join our 30-minutes webinar on Tuesday 5th September at 3pm UK time.

We’ll cover:

  • Our general capabilities and functionalities, so they can be top of mind when writing proposals and addressing the objectives in different and more engaging ways… helping you win more work 📝🎯

  • Task typologies and available settings, with tips and inspiration - to help you write guides more efficiently and manage analysis effectively, even against tight deadlines ✍️🔍

  • Overview of our upcoming AI features and their usage. In case of questions from your clients, learn how to address their concerns and discuss the safety of their data 🤖🔒

Sign up for Ready Steady Q4!

28 July 2023

Yesterday we officially presented the Festival of Customer Delight - in case you missed the LinkedIn event, you can listen back below:

20 July 2023

Festival of customer delight
We are excited to announce the first Festival of Customer Delight, that we are organising in partnership with Outrageous Insights!

The Festival of Customer Delight is a 90-minute online festival where you’ll learn from 15+ experts from across the world of customer research about their greatest tips on customer research.

The event is happening online – 2nd October 2023, 13.00 UK, 08.00 EST.

Full lineup to be announced soon, in the meantime you can read more about the Festival of Customer Delight.

06 July 2023

What an incredible day we had at Wimbledon yesterday! 🎉🎾

After enduring a 5-hour queue (but hey, we made it fun!), we were fortunate enough to witness some fantastic matches, soak in the electric atmosphere, and indulge in the classic strawberries and cream. 🍓🍦

Experiencing one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world provided the perfect opportunity for us to unwind and spend some quality time together, and we can’t wait to go back next year!

03 July 2023

Brighton Ruby
Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the effort that goes on behind the scenes when everything runs so smoothly. But let’s not forget, building and managing an app and platform is no walk in the park!

Thankfully, our amazing dev team is always ready to take on the challenge. They have a genuine passion for technology and a constant desire to improve our product and to learn new things.

Last Friday, they spent the day in Brighton for the Brighton Ruby conference, as a large part of Field Notes is built using Ruby on Rails. Engaging speakers, great conversations, a day by the sea and Mexican food for lunch. Sounds like they had a great time!

29 June 2023

AI conversation
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of spending some time with Sidi Lemine from Jade Kite and discussing all things AI!

Sidi, an expert in the AI field and its applications for qualitative research, shared valuable insights into his recent work, emerging tools, and client preferences (including their concerns!)

As we near the launch of our first AI tools on the Field Notes platform, the opportunity to exchange ideas was truly invaluable.

07 June 2023

In case you missed it, listen to Giulia’s chat with our friend Patrick from Outrageous Insight.

Self-ethnography, video tech, our Field Notes Academy initiative, and much more.

22 May 2023

Curiosity week
Yesterday our co-founder Dave Kaye was on the panel organised by The 7 Stars for their Curiosity Week, all about the art of finding true insight.

Reach out to Dave to find out what key themes were discussed during the session.

22 May 2023

Introduction to Smartphone
On June 4th, our co-founder Dave Kaye will be running a “Introduction to Smartphone Qualitative Research” course on Insight Platforms.

You can enrol for free at this link:

19 May 2023

Functionality update

All task typologies can now be set to be sequential or on-going.

Sequential tasks won’t go live for a participant until they have completed previous sequential tasks. This is useful for when you want participants to complete tasks one at a time, without visibility of what’s next.

On-going tasks are live as soon as assigned (providing project is launched). A participant can have many ongoing tasks live at a time. This could be a diary task or any task that’s open for the duration of the project.

15 May 2023

Outrageous Insight
On June 5th, join our Head of Customer Innovation Giulia Romanò as she chats with our good friend Patrick Olszowski from Outrageous Insights.

You can register at this link:

10 May 2023

Moments that matter
Our co-founder Dave Kaye recently had a great chat with Abigail Stuart, Founding Partner at Day One Strategy - covering mobile ethnography, our expertise in healthcare, our AI plans and much more.

You can find the full interview at the link below:

07 May 2033

Light the Fuse
We are delighted to announce our partnership with Good Problems Innovation on their US Undivided project, a human insights initiative to shine a light on the stories that bring Americans together rather than apart.

In the content collected during the study so far, we are seeing that many in America today are wondering whether there’s still a place for them. This question often transcends race, ethnicity, class and orientation, and speaks to the in- and out-group dynamics of cultural fragmentation.

It’s wonderful to see how our Field Notes app is empowering the participants to share their stories and emotions in such an intimate and impactful manner.

Over the course of the next several weeks The Good Problems Innovation team will be sharing highlights of the common threads that stitch us together on their LinkedIn page, and on TikTok (@usundivided).

04 May 2023

If you are at Quirks London today, make sure you go and say hi to Dave and Lucy at the ICG booth.

03 May 2023

We are delighted and thrilled to announce that our co-founder Dave Kaye is the new UK co-chair of the International Chapter of QRCA.

Best of luck to Dave and his co-chair Nichola Quail on their new roles!

21 April 2023

Media player

Functionality update!

Today we are launching a brand new media player and a new grid view available when browsing the content - we’ve been trialling these in private beta for a while, and it’s nice to release them to everyone!

04 April 2023

In clear focus
Our latest podcast is out!

Listen to our co-founder and podcast aficionado Dave Kaye as he chats with Adrian Tennant about his love for qualitative research and mobile-based ethnography.

You can listen here:

We also recommend checking out Bigeye’s In Clear Focus podcast series for more insights and industry trends.

28 March 2023

Last week, Charlotte. This week Amsterdam! Come find our Head of Customer Innovation at IIEX Europe to find out more about our approach to smartphone ethnography.

22 March 2023

We are in Charlotte for the QRCA conference this week. Reach out if you want to discuss mobile ethnography and the future of research tech with our co-founder Dave Kaye.

21 March 2023

As part of our Field Notes Academy initiative, yesterday our co-founder Dave Kaye had the pleasure to host a session on mobile ethnography at the school of professional studies at New York University in front of some smart, engaged and curious marketing students.

The students now have the opportunity to use Field Notes for their business planning modules and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Thanks David Vinjamuri for inviting us, it was a real pleasure and honour to join your class.